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Marilyn is an award-winning television producer, writer, Booking Producer, Talent Coordinator and journalist who has covered some of the most important news stories of our time,   Among them wAS  9/11 -- for which she respectfully booked relatives of victims of United Flight 93.  The segment entitled, "No greater love:  The story of Flight 93, went on to win an Emmy for "Best Report in a Newsmagazine." 

Marilyn also spent six weeks in Paris and London covering the death of Princess Diana -- Securing an exclusive, network interview with the first doctor who worked on Diana at the site of the crash in Pont d'Alma tunnel, Dr. Frederic Mailliez.

For ABC's "PrimeTimeLive," She booked an exclusive interview with Paula Jones prior to the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal, which she also covered.  In Addition for  "PrimeTimeLive, " Marilyn went undercover for an Cine Award-winning expose on Food Stamp Fraud.

She has also covered the world of entertainment with accuracy and flair, producing several hours for "E! Entertainment," on some of its players' most successful achievements...and their subsequent downfalls.

As a medical producer for "ABC/Dreamworks" and "NBC Entertainment," Marilyn Helped people suffering from various illnesses down the road of healing  thus enhancing the quality of life for many.  For example, for the NBC program "Three Wishes," she connected a wheelchair-bound woman -- told she was destined for paraplegia -- with a University of california, San Francisco surgeon -- who helped her to walk again.  Marilyn guided a man in need of a new kidney -- told by his local hospital that his donor’s kidney would not work -- to the Mayo Clinic, where doctors made the impossible happen. And she Arranged for a young college student who stuttered to obtain a cochlear implant that helped him to speak clearly and fulfill his dream of running for class president.  He won!

WITH the media relations wing of Fletcher Communications, Marilyn has obtained the coverage and exposure her clients needed for their businesses and products, such as: the background check app,  "been verified;" the late comedian mitch hedberg's memorial golf tournament, a self-taught Los AngelEs architect and a facial rejuvenation doctor based in New York City,

Marilyn, with her vast experience in the worlds of News, talk, entertainment, medical and reality programming, comes armed with  solid contacts in the the political arena, magazine and book publishing industries and more...and she will deliver what you require accurately and on time.

Other skills:  photographer, singer-songwriter, artist, ability to speak french and spanish.